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I work mainly in high quality oil paint as I find it holds the motion of the artistís stroke excellently and it has a superb quality and richness of colour. Oil is also great for blending and the fact that it is slow drying allows me to change and blend the paint long after it has been applied, giving me greater control over the work and allowing me to revise a piece until I am satisfied with the overall effect.

In our current times I believe it is important to take advantage of the possibilities modern technology offers to the artist; I use digital cameras, computers and creative design software in the early stages of composing much of my work; however for me the appeal of creating a piece of art directly to a surface with brush, knife, rag or pencil is paramount. The passion and soul of the artist is directly impressed onto the work and expressed through paint. Other art forms such as prints taken from photos and computer graphic work cannot capture the passion and soul of the artist in the same way, as though these technologies offer new forms of expression, they also act as a barrier and filter between the direct recording of the subtleties of the artists movement and vibrations. With paint and other directly applied mediums the artistís passion and energy can be recorded through force, speed, direction and delicacy of stroke. I am aiming to create paintings that even though they are singular unanimated images they move because they are buzzing and alive with the dance of the artist captured in each stroke of paint. The movement and dance within the painting must work alongside and simultaneously with the composition of colour and form to evoke the desired response. I do not limit my arsenal to forms that are purely abstract or purely representational, I aim to bring all elements into play, as both abstract and representative forms hold unique possibilities in the vibrations and response they elicit within the soul of the spectator. When including representational forms within my art I often work from life, as no photo can compete with the range of colour, shade and three-dimensional detail that our human eyes can perceive. Also working from life you get a real sense of the feeling and essence of a subject.

From 2010 onwards since discovering the work of Master fusionartist Freydoon Rassouli I have been exploring new ways to create inspired by Rassoulis wondeful fusionart and guidance.

Style and Technique