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A large number of my paintings are created on circular boards. My first exhibition “The Circular Song” concentrated on work employing the circular composition. When I began to paint with ambitions towards exhibiting I was immediately attracted to working in a circle because of the striking visual possibilities such a design offered.

Circular paintings can be rotated and viewed from different angles creating multiple images also they can flow round and tie together in one continuous, harmonious composition.

Circular paintings more accurately reflect the shape in which we perceive the world through the light entering the circular pupils of our eyes.

The circular design has been used for thousands of years notably through the spiritual artwork of Buddhist mandala’s. Mandala can be translated as circle and although I began working on my circular art before I had heard of mandalas, I had seen circular work influenced by these great spiritual masterpieces. Many of my paintings have a spiritual and philosophical theme and in this way they are connected to the mandalas, which can be used to focus the mind with positive spiritual energy.

The theme much of my work explores is that of the immortality of the soul. It is important to understand the nature of our souls, as it can help us live better lives if we comprehend that what we do in this life and what we leave behind will not only affect those we leave behind but will also determine the circumstance and nature of our own future rotations of life. It can help us treat all people with more respect and love if we understand that we are all brothers and sisters each of us animated by a unique divine spark, a breath from the same eternal fire.

The Circular Song