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This painting is meant to be a positive and uplifting painting to show that life continues beyond this existence to show our souls are immortal.

This painting depicts the immortal soul. It is travelling through a tunnel of light, which is a common experience of people who have had near death experiences. To capture the tunnel of light I developed a technique of painting I have named “weaving with light”.

The near death experience is the closest thing available to scientific evidence of the existence of the immortal soul and the continuation of life. Experiments have been made on people who have reported vivid accounts of afterlife experiences when they have had no brain activity being recorded. If our consciousness and personality were purely the result of brain activity it would be most unlikely these hyper real experiences would occur.

It is always going to be difficult to depict something visually that is spiritual and has no specific physical form. However our spirit soul I believe is the potential of our form. Our form limits our spirit soul; a healthy human adult blessed with a clear mind has boundless creative and positive possibilities. Our current form is not necessarily the most perfect manifestation of our soul.

Work in progress
The Soul in Flight