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From here you can access writing describing  some of  the ideas and philosophy behind the art. These paintings were never supposed to be viewed alongside any such description. In some ways I find it more interesting to hear people’s response to my work unaffected by anything I have explained.

I have not written everything I intended to communicate in the work as the paintings are supposed to convey subtleties of thought and feeling that cannot be put into words.

I have also kept things back to allow others more freedom of interpretation. Much in my work comes through subconsciously and it is fascinating when someone with a fresh eye and a unique view finds things I had never seen before.

The Fall The Soul in Flight Twin Flames Butterflies Flutter... Your Love is Stronger than Gravity Philosophy
The Spectrum of Creation The Fall The Soul in Flight Twin Flames The Spirit Soul joining Matter Butterflys Flutter... Your Love is Stronger than Gravity Defended by Angels Defended by Angels