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This painting is meant to convey the transferal and transformation of energies between beings in cooperative creativity to defend what is good and beautiful.

The flower in the centre symbolises truth, beauty and the light of perfect goodness; the true potential of humanity. The twelve figures represent different facets of the beauty of humanity to convey how each person is a unique petal that completes and perfects the shining brilliance of the flower of the human race.

The flower in the centre is a water lily unfolding like the ever evolving beauty of humanity. The light that radiates from this is the foundation behind all life and all our resources the figures are taking this energy and reflecting it transforming it. They are working together with this energy to defend the source of this light. All human endeavour is the working and transforming of different energies both material and mental. This painting is meant to highlight the noble human endeavour of defending and evolving what is good and beautiful in this existence.

Defended by Angels
The Creation of Defended by Angels