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Inspired and guided by master Fusionartist Freydoon Rassouli I have been experimenting with a more spontaneous and heart led way of working since late 2010.

Fusionart is a unique approach to painting that Rassouli has developed and taught to other artists. The Fusionart art approach has unique technical elements because it begins from the heart of the artist with an acknowledgement of the wish to create.

All atoms and molecules are interconnected in this existence and we are all connected physically through this matter to the cosmos and each other. We are all connected spiritually. Fusionart often captures this connection as figures fuse into their surroundings and each other beautifully capturing our interconnected co dependant nature.

Fusionart represents the interconnectedness of every soul to the cosmos and each other like no other art form has. The elements within the paintings are harmoniously interwoven and flow together like the energy and light that flow through every soul and the cosmos. They hint at the many spiritual dimensions that connect us beyond the physical realm and the spiritual beauty that is the true idea behind physical beauty.

When I paint Fusionart I try not to plan the painting out or work from life or photos but following Rassouliís guidance I let the subjects come through me subconsciously through my heart and soul. This allows me to just get on with creating and not procrastinate. Fusionart helps me stop judging my work so much and just appreciate the gift of creation. There is an excitement in creating fusionart that I do not get from more planned artwork. This is because when you set about the work you do not know what you are going to create. You become an adventurer discovering new celestial lands.

In the beginning spontaneous stages of creating a fusionart painting I have been using Acrlyic paint as it dries quickly giving me a freedom to over paint in a spontaneous free manner to dance with colour until the work begins to resonate with my soul and I see the piece emerge.

Rassouli teaches us to meditate on beauty to rise in the morning and absorb the beauty of the sunrise and the awakening of life. To let the endless beauty that is all around us pour into our souls and cleanse us of ugliness. I try to fill my soul with beauty until it overflows and bursts from my heart onto the canvas. Fusionart is visionary in that we are aiming to create a more harmonious and beautiful vision for humanity in creating art that reflects light that is positive. Positive in that it encourages the noble aspects of humanity. Aspects that help us become a worldwide community living in peace, joy, harmony and co creation.

Fusionart captures love in a way no other art has. The essence of love radiates from the canvas in much of the work. Partly because the artist begins from the heart and lets intuition and higher energy come through and guide the work.

Fusionart has many aspects and elements that stand out from other art styles. For me one of the most striking elements is the fusion between the foreground and the background, one flows into the other. Often in Fusionart there is no clear separation between foreground and background, the different elements within the composition are not clearly defined and fuse into each other. This engages your soul when you view the work as different elements emerge and you try to discover what is within the work. A mystery is often created as the elements within the painting could be interpreted in different ways. Looking at a Fusionart painting often feels like looking into a deep mystery.

The great mysteries can never be completely answered; every soul sings a unique answer to this question. Every soul has a unique genius to create and love. Our unique capacity to create and love unfolds upon the canvas through Fusionart. This unique creativity flows into our paintings through Fusionart and we begin to look into this great mystery through the unique drop of our own soul, which is connected to the vast and limitless ocean of existence. Fusionart encourages us to allow the power of the ocean to flow through us and intuitively guide us to create work that speaks of this great mystery and the evolving waves of eternal beauty.