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Fusionart Book

Fusionart, Creative Expression Through the Heart

Fusionart, the first full length book on the Fusionart movement, is now available for purchase.  It is authored by Freydoon Rassouli, who is internationally known as a master painter, teacher and founder of the fusionart movement. As an artist who has painted under the direction and guidance of Rassouli Christian Parkes is honoured to have been invited to collaborate in the creation of this book. Six of Christian’s works were selected for inclusion in the book along with the work of 25 other Fusionartists. There are over 150 beautiful full colour images of Fusionart paintings, illustrating a wide range of unique expression. This 140 page coffee table size volume offers the reader a fascinating introduction to Fusionart with a combination of captivating imagery and wisdom of the heart.  The book is priced at $39.95 plus shipping and handling and can be purchased online at A limited number of books can also be purchased form this website, to inquire send email to

“This book offers concepts and insights as well as techniques from a world renowned artist that can guide you to bring heightened joy into every aspect of your life. Take it as a  guide to create your moments, your days and ultimately, to create yourself.”