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The centre of this painting depicts a view of the earth as seen from space. The cloud formations whirl from this view into a scene at the top of the painting representing a view of the sky with the sunlight bursting through the moving clouds. A typical view we see of the sky from earth. I was attempting to give a different perspective of the movement of clouds and the shifting views and different atmospheres they create on earth. The top of the painting sees a family gazing up at the sky and the universe beyond unfolds down the side of the painting with a stylised night sky showing stars, the different planets of our solar system and a depiction of The Milky Way. At the bottom of the painting two lovers are kissing amidst a lightening storm which also extends from the view of the clouds from space. This painting depicts two of the strongest types of love that people experience on earth. The love of family; the love of parents for their children and the love of children for their parents and siblings; and romantic love, Eros, that is represented by the couple kissing amidst the lightning storm and stylised night sky. The love of family and romantic love can be so strong that one would willingly sacrifice themselves for the other. The parent would often give their life to save their child and a lover will often sacrifice themselves to save their beloved. This intense love can be seen is an indication as to what it means to love someone else as you love yourself. When the world is populated by people who truly love their neighbour as they love themselves we will have a new existence of peace, love and beauty on earth.

In this painting I was trying to show that the world has become “smaller” in our modern world; we can now go to the other side of the planet in a very short time. And from space the boundaries of countries are not visible. I was attempting to point to a possible future world peace where all people can see the world as their home and not just the country they were born in.

I was attempting to highlight in this painting that love is the reason that all the other forces exist for the unfolding of the human soul to give and receive love. Gravity pulls the figures to the Earth which is the setting for their love in this painting. But the Universe extends beyond our world for the exploration and enjoyment of a planetary population that has first learnt to exist on earth in peace and love.

I was also attempting to highlight the wonder, beauty and passion of the human existence. The wonder is captured by the family gazing up at the mystery of the universe that through science and technology we are beginning to explore. This exploration of science has given me pictures of the planets and Milky Way which I have tried to accurately but stylistically depict. The Passion I attempted to capture through showing the swirling and tumultuous weather that is the backdrop for our love; the lightning strikes near the lovers to show how the human life is always lived on the edge of life and death. But lightning can spark fire changing and renewing the landscape. Passionate union can bring forth children and romantic love can evolve in to the love of family bringing children in to adulthood evolving, renewing and ensuring the continuation of humanity.

The Creation of “Your Love is Stronger than Gravity”l
Your Love is Stronger Than Gravity